Arizona: Infosys targets a technology hub


The company has up to 5874 employees by May 2017 and they are targeting more hubs within the United States.

Reports confirm the hub will base on full stack engineering, cyber security, data science, Internet of Things and autonomous technology.

Employees in Arizona will consist of recent graduates from universities, colleges of State and community colleges. This will also include local professionals that will participate in the training curriculum of Infosys. Infosys president said this investment will promote the ability to deliver for their clients within the Southwest and Arizona and also expand that workforce.

This will enable clients to participate in a global economy that is going digital. The hub in Arizona will enable Infosys to operate in a close manner with clients inside the region.

This will promote solution to challenges in areas like artificial intelligence, machine learning, digital technologies and user experience. It will promote advancement and collaboration in primary industries, manufacturing and hitech.

Infosys already has 2 hubs, 1 in Indianapolis, North Carolina and Raleigh. The location of other hubs are Connecticut, Hartford and Innovation Hub inside Rhode Island.

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