Tethering: How To Use Your Android As A Computer Modem

Surfing the web with your PC or laptop goes with an internet connection and this internet connection operates with a computer modem. However a modem may not be available and you may need to surf the web with your laptop or PC, so tethering comes in here.

Technology have made it possible to use your android as a modem and this is one of the benefits of technology.


The process of connecting your phone to your PC to surf the web is called tethering and this is what this article tells you how to do.
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See The Best Christmas Apps 2

best Christmas Apps 2018

Seasonal greetings from the Technology Guys. Happy Christmas. Christmas season is here and there are applications for the season. This article will tell you the best Christmas Apps in 2018. These applications are available on Google Play Store

Best Christmas Apps 2018

Yasa Pets

Children who are fond of this application. It lets kids to explore and tap the family of cats on Christmas. Kids can dress the cuts, set tables and make presents.

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How To Open Desktop Website On Mobile

Welcome to the Technology Guys once again. This post will be discussing how to open desktop website on mobile. When you open websites that are not mobile friendly, some of them will tell you to go to a desktop computer or laptop.

However you can still open these websites right on your android by using the methods in this article.

Steps To Open Desktop Website On Mobile

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