How To Connect A Turntable To Your Laptop

Welcome to the Technology Guys once again. This post tells you how to connect a turnable to your laptop. A turnable refers to a revolving plate circular in shape which supports a playing record. You can connect the audio output of the player to the input connection on that very computer. Get a preamplifier before connecting a turntable to the laptop for an efficient volume.

However get a receiver or preamplifier for a stand-alone turnable.
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Procedures To Connect A Turnable To Your Laptop

  • Get 2 RCA cables. This can be multiple or single connector cables for connecting video and audio equipments.
  • Ensure that the RCA cables are 2-prong each.
  • Connect an end of a particular RCA cable with the output ports of the turnable.
  • Then connect the remaining end of that RCA cable with the ports of the amplifier. Connect red ports with red plugs and white ports with white plugs.
  • Plug in an end of the next RCA cable with the outputs of the preamplifier. Connect red ports with red plugs and white ports with white plugs.
  • Plug in the RCA cable to the RCA mini plug adapter.
  • Put that miniplug adapter to the port of the sound card.
  • Conclusion

    Connecting a turnable to your laptop is one of the things you can do with your laptop and this article guides you on how to do that. Welcome to the Technology Guys. You can share this post with others, ask your questions and make your comments.

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