Education: How Has The Internet Changed Education?

how has the internet changed education

Welcome to the Technology Guys once again. This article talks answers the question, how has the internet changed education? Learning is taking another dimension in today’s world and this is one of the effects of technology. The internet is the world’s largest library and is accessible to many people across the globe. Continue reading “Education: How Has The Internet Changed Education?”

Playing PSP Games On Your Android: How To Do That With PSP Emulator

Are you considering playing PSP games on your android device? It is possible to do that and this is what this article will tell you. PSP emulators help you to play PSP games on your Android. Many people use android devices since they come with many applications which equals their desktop equivalent. Continue reading “Playing PSP Games On Your Android: How To Do That With PSP Emulator”

Food X: Technology Offers Better Options For Food Delivery

Food X

Technology is improving the way shopping happens and is offering an experience that is cost effective. A start-up in California is coming up with a delivery service that is driverless and Food X project in Burnaby, BC is another and this is what customers expect for the future. Technology is changing many things and the food delivery service is not an exception.

Food X
Reports also confirm that the Sustainable Produce Urban Delivery Inc (SPUD) will launch their delivery facility for fresh foods. The facility Food X is 74000 sq-ft and the target location is Burnaby, BC. It functions like a delivery platform and warehouse letting the retailers to access the warehouse.

Also access include food preparation, home delivery, warehousing and technology. The CEO of SPUD and Food X confirms Food X carpools for groceries. Food X will improve on the industrial experience and technology and create an efficient delivery service targeting third party small sellers. Launching Food X will bring an ecommerce that will deliver food to retailers and they can share infrastructures, space and trucks.

More On Food X

This new technology also comprise of a Rapid Pack Algorithm that offers instructions and guide to packers including a route for delivery. The result of this is that it will bring fresh food to certain residents in a sustainable and faster manner. SPUD has reduced food wastage down to 0.5% and this is the lowest in the nation of Canada.

One of the representatives confirms that the company focuses on a delivery solution and grocers that can scale online. Daryl Porter confirms the platform will help Walmart Canada to launch grocery delivery that enables Metro Vancouver to obtain groceries where they intend to.

The Burnaby Facility will bring in 500 team members and will then service more of the retailers inside their first facility with certain plans that scales globally now and in the years to come.

Arizona: Infosys targets a technology hub



The company has up to 5874 employees by May 2017 and they are targeting more hubs within the United States.

Reports confirm the hub will base on full stack engineering, cyber security, data science, Internet of Things and autonomous technology.

Employees in Arizona will consist of recent graduates from universities, colleges of State and community colleges. This will also include local professionals that will participate in the training curriculum of Infosys. Infosys president said this investment will promote the ability to deliver for their clients within the Southwest and Arizona and also expand that workforce.

This will enable clients to participate in a global economy that is going digital. The hub in Arizona will enable Infosys to operate in a close manner with clients inside the region.

This will promote solution to challenges in areas like artificial intelligence, machine learning, digital technologies and user experience. It will promote advancement and collaboration in primary industries, manufacturing and hitech.

Infosys already has 2 hubs, 1 in Indianapolis, North Carolina and Raleigh. The location of other hubs are Connecticut, Hartford and Innovation Hub inside Rhode Island.