The Most Played Online Games Of 2019

Welcome to the Technology Guys once again. This post talks about the most played games of 2019. Some games are played more than others and these games are what this article will tell you.
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Players Unknown’s Battle Grounds

Developer PUBG
Portability Xbox, Android, PC, iOs
Players online about 150 million
Launch date 2018
This is the most popular game of the year 2019. It is game of armour. 99 players can play at the same time. It has much graphics and offers a real scenario with a map.

Fortnite Battle Royale

Developer Epic
Portability Android, OS, Xbox, PC
Players online 39 million players
Launch date 2017

The game has much drama and popularity with equipment, stages and features and more players.

Apex legends

Developer Elephant Inc
Portability Xbox, PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows
Players online Up to 50 million
Launch date 2019

This game was in news and is a combat game with 6 players team having 3 players in the squad. They left the island to get weapons and resources for combat. The squad that has more players are the winners and map games are available.

League of Legends (LOS)

Players online

Developer Pint games
Portability Android, Xbox, PC, iOs
Players online up to 27 million players
Launch date 2019

The game is evergreen and players can pick champions to compete with other champions. It has graphics and a mode offering excitement for each level. It has multi players and RPG.

Counter Strike

Developer Valve corporation
Portability Linux and PlayStation 3, Microsoft Windows, OSX and Xbox 360
Players online/strong> 32 million
Launch year 2014

This is a game about counter terrorist attack. The player diffuses and then plant bombs and secure locations activities. This include killing terrorists and keeping hostages. Multi players play the game to win prizes and cash.


Developer Blizzard Entertainment
Portability Android, iOS, Xbox and PC
Players online 29 million
Launch date 2012

The game is from Blizzard Entertainment for experimental reasons but it hit the internet and is now played by many. It is about collecting decks of cards from various powers and houses. You can use the card for lowering their life and health.


strong>Developer Mojang
Portability Linus, Microsoft Windows, OS and Max
Players online 91 million players
Launch date 2011

The game is very powerful and has various modes. The user builds and shines in its domain. He has authority to take food, buildings. Its 3D that lets users do what they intend without much restrictions. It has various modes like spectators, survival and adventure mode.


Developer Valve Inc
Portability Linux, Mac, Microsoft Windows and OS
Players online Up to 5 million people
Launch date 2015

The company spent money for multi players’ mode. It has quality, faithfulness and gameplay around the world.

The Division 2

Developer Massive Entertainment
Portability PlayStation, Microsoft Windows and Xbox One
Players online 63817
Launch date 2019

The game’s theme is in Washington and players operate to achieve their goals. It is a game that has raids which 8 players can complete.

The Splatoon 2

Players online 5 million
Launch date: 2015

This player played in third person and controls a squid referred to as Inklings. He can use ink for opponents and for clearing goals. Octolings morph and fine ink using weapons. They form squid for swimming and refilling ink.


These games are the most popular online games right now. You can ask your questions and drop your comments.

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