Top 10 Music Websites To Get Some Music

Welcome to the Technology Guys once again. We are here for you as far as technology is concerned. Are you fond of music? Do you want to know the best websites to get some music? You will know them in this article. It will tell you the top 10 music websites.

Top 10 Music Websites 2019


The website lets you stream and then download different songs freely. Famous musicians and artists upload their music here. Options exist to browse artist tags or songs. You can download a lot of music here including Hindi songs.


Reverbnation lets you download different music from different genres, however they have hip hop, pop and alternative. 4 million artists, users and labels offer much experience to people. It has a ‘Discover’ section for song collections.


You can download music license by Creative Commons on this website. However you pay for mainstream trucks. They update regularly and can license music for your films and videos.


This is the place for downloading music and many artists offer some free music. You may buy licensed songs and download the free ones. However you sign up to enable you stream and download. You can interact with listeners, form radio stations and read about artists who are your favorite. You can send ecards with background music.


Their interface is user friendly and you can download free music. There are songs of different categories here like Top Albums, Top Songs and Trending. You will see the hottest Reggae, Electronic and Hip Hop in the trending section. You can download freely and stream using phones, PC or desktop.


Noisetrade has different albums from different artists. You can donate to them. They have free music. You can save albums in zip files after giving them your postal code and email address. There are sections for Top Downloads and Trending sections.


You can get free live music, radio podcasts, audio books and some music. There are up to 2 million audio files. Music lovers may sort the available tracks in accordance with the media type, subjects, topics and most viewed. You can get free music in different formats like OGG and MP3.

Nine: Last.FM

They came in 2002 like an internet radio station but was adopted by Audioscrobbler in the year 2005. They collect data from various media players and websites to form profiles according to listening habits and musical taste. You can download free songs.


There are songs available with Creative Commons and this is safe and free to download. You can search for music here according to the artist, license, label and genre. There are songs for categories like Ambient, Electronica, Techno and Dub. You may download or listen to it when you open an account.


You can stream different music on YouTube. Note that you can download other songs using a Creative Common license and genre you intend. The music tracks having the CC license are safe and free for downloads. You may have to credit that artist before using your platform or video.


Some websites let you get some free musit and this article tells you the top 10 of such websites. You can share this post with others, ask your questions and drop your comments.

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