Top 10 Sports Betting Websites In The World

Welcome to the Technology Guys once again. This post lists the top 10 sports betting websites.

Technology is changing betting in today’s world. In the early times betting was mainly between people who are available physically or live together.

However this is no longer so with the coming of technology. Many people now bet from different locations on the same website all made possible by technology. People now bet on golf, cricket, horse racing, basketball, football, baseball online etc. Here we go.

Top 10 Sports Betting Websites In This Globe

Number one:

Betway tops the list here and they were formed in 2006. The global betting giant lets you bet in different brands like Beltway poker, Betway Vegas, Betway Casino, Betway Sportsbook and Betway Bingo.

Number Two:

The betting giant 888 Holdings operates mainly in Europe and America including the rest of the world. You can bet in bingo, poker and casino. They rank number 2 on the list and their betting bonus 100% to £100.

Number three:

They have up to 23 million customers who bet on casino, poker, bingo and other events. The UK betting giant is number 3 in the list with different betting options available in other parts of the world.

Number four:

The UK betting giant have a share of up to 30% in the world market to rank number 4 on the list. William Hill leads in the United States and has participants in other countries.

Number five:

This betting giant has four main divisions in Europe and Australia. They have betting shops in other parts of the world.

Number six:

They were formed in the year 1983 and you can bet on different sports on their website. The European betting giant ranks 6th in this list.

Number seven:

Bet Online have an optimal bonus and you can deposit $50 of about $1000. They have customers from different parts of the world.

Number eight:

They are among the best choice for those who bet on football. Their promos are enticing including their odds. They have £50 as their deposit bonus and their customers are from different countries.

Number nine:

They offer the sportsbook at good prices and ranks number nine on the list. Betting is possible from different countries and the deposit bonus is 100% to reach $1000.

Number ten:

The number ten on the list have parlays, teaser and bonus suiting casual players. You can bet with a deposit bonus of 50% to $100.


These are the leading betting websites in the world and this list is according to their rankings. Welcome to the Technology Guys. You can ask your questions, share the post with others and make your comments.

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