Top 5 Phone Makers In The World And Their Country

One of the most dynamic marketplaces is the smartphone industry and

many phone makers are in the market. This article lists the top 5 phone makers in the world and their country. The list is below.

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Top 5 Phone Makers On The Planet

Number one-Samsung- South Korea

Smartphone giant Samsung dominates the market and have sold up to 81186900 units within the very first quarter. Samsung holds up to 24.1% of the market share and have overtaken Apple within the first quarter.

Number two-Apple- United States

Apple is second in the list and the phone company holds 14% of the market. The upgrade of Apple have enhanced the flagship between 6S Plus models and iPhone 6S promoting the market sales. Apple is looking at ways of refurbishing second hand devices within new marketplaces.

Number three-Huawei- China

Huawei is no 3 in the list and they have much growth in China, Africa, America and Europe. The total sale of the company is up to 28861000 units within the first quarter of a year and their annual share is up to 8.3%.

Number four-Oppo- China

The Chinese tech giant Oppo have sales that are growing above 145% and they have a stronger growth in China. They take shares from the rest of the players like Samsung and Lenovo. The sales of the company is above 150% within the Asia-Pacific zone.

Number 5-Xiaomi- China

The Chinese phone maker is the 5th on the list and the company have shipped up to 31.9 million the quarter. Total market share of the company is 9.3%.


This is a list of the top 5 largest phone makers in the world and their country. Asian countries dominate here since they dominate the phone market. Welcome to the Technology Guys and we will be here to share vital tech information with you.

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