Top Tech Cities In The World 2018

Are you adventurous and fond of technology? Are you considering places to visit for tech ventures? Some cities in the world have some notable tech facilities and they can be the place for you to visit.

I tell you there are places you have to visit and experience that invention going on there. This article looks at the top 10 technology cities in the world 2018.

Top Tech Cities In The World 2018


Berlin- Germany

Average salary of software engineers: $61200 (€51,230)

Berlin tops the list and this German city features innovations ranging from punk music to street art. Berlin is a major player in technology and has the largest startups in the world. The German city is also more affordable than London in terms of cost of living. It is a hive for engineers and have much tech organisations.


Austin- United States

Average salary of software engineers: $92000

Many tech professionals who want to avoid the rent issues connected with the Silicon Valley come to Austin. Austin has much tech reputation and these is caused by companies like Dell and the popular tech/music festival. This is a place for many jobs.


Toronto- Canada

Average salary of software engineers: $75000

Toronto is another tech city and had digital jobs which are up to 22500 in the year 2017. Alphabet intends to build a microcity too here and the city dominates in tech research like stem-cell and data science. The city is affordable and have some high living standards.

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Silicon valley- United States

Average salary of software engineers: $123660

This American city accommodates the large tech firms on the planet and a place for tech professionals. However Silicon Valley has a higher cost of living but is still a place for tech jobs.


Boston- United States

Average salary of software engineers: $100700

Boston was behind earlier but is now meeting up and it has now has one of the finest academic institutions Harvard and MIT. Many startups are here and example of such tech startups are Wayfair, TripAdvisor and Hubspot. Better costs of living is obtainable here and this is similar to Palo Alto.


Tel Aviv- Israel

Average salary of software engineers: $67300

Tel Aviv is among the cities in the world with the largest startup density. The tech development of Israel spans through projects and military research. This have generated many high tech incubators like the ‘Silicon Wadi’ including global organisations and startups. Foreign engineers in this region benefit much and the city features a party city operating 24 hours.


Amsterdam- Netherlands

Average salary of software engineers: $55,930 (€46,820)

Amsterdam has much claim in Europe just like the Silicon Valley in the United States. The city has up to 600 international organisations and these are IT organisations. It is transforming to a global centre for data science. Tech giants like Uber, Cisco and Google are making presence here as the join WeTransfer, and TomTom who are indigenous players. Coming to Amsterdam for tech ventures can be a better choice with the cities cultural attributes.


Seattle- United States

Average salary of software engineers: $118000

Seattle is a part of this list with it’s glamorous tech history and companies like Microsoft and Amazon have their headquarters here. The city is an alternative to the suburb of Silicon Valley and a hive for tech jobs. The jobs here pay well and also has a lower cost of living. The cost of living here is lower than New York City and Palo Alto. Tax is not too much and companies prefer such places.


London- United States

Average salary of software engineers: $56610, £41,700

London is another tech city and the city and the city have got much investment than the rest of the European nations. Example Deliveroo which is a London start-up passed the variation mark of $1 billion and this in the period year. London is a hive for tech jobs and the country depends on outside workers for maintaining her digital workforce. There are places to be in London excluding the fact that the UK have left the European Union. London is doing well with their growth.

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Stockholm- Sweden

Average salary of software engineers: $65,130 (€54,540)

Stockholm made the list having made much contributions to technology. Indigenous companies like Ericsson, Skype and Spotify are here and the venture capital investment in the previous 5 years is up to $1.4 billion. Sweden have made major contributions to tech in Europe for some periods. The city has high standard of living and an enlarging tech system and this is also a typical hive for software engineers.


New York- United States

Average salary of software engineers: $106770

The nickname for New York is ‘Silicon Alley’ and they have a tech culture for more than the last decade. New York City which branched out from Manhattan (Flatiron district) is a major player. New York has up to 7500 tech firms in that city and they employ up to 120000 workers. Venture capitalist have an investment of up to $40 billion in indigenous startups and this has been more than the previous five years. Firms are still in need of workforce and there is need for more engineers. New York is also a hive for tech jobs.


Singapore- Singapore

Average salary of software engineers: ($37500)

Singapore is becoming a tech giant and this goes with the coming of Google, Linked and Facebook. The city possess infrastructures, government, funding and dynamic talents maintaining it as a global centre for technology. Research and artificial intelligence have made the Lion City a place of opportunities.


Bangalore- India

Average salary of software engineers: India made the list having planted itself among the IT economies and Bangalore is at the centre. This is a hive for young tech entrepreneurs and many of them have made it. Programmers, developers and engineers have made significant and real growth here making the city a global tech hub. Nevertheless the city still have some environmental and Infrastructural issues and is still growing.


These cities in this article are the top 13 tech cities on the planet and these cities are hives for tech jobs and software engineers. Some of them have a higher cost of living while the rest have a lower cost. You can share this post with others, ask your questions and join us on Facebook.

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