Updating Windows: How To Upgrade

Welcome to the Technology Guys once again. This post tells you how to upgrade your windows. Since the coming of Windows 98, Microsoft have enhanced the ways of updating windows.

Updating Microsoft Windows

If your Windows is not legal, you will not be able to update. Note also that if you are using a corporate system you will have to contact the administrator.

Updating Windows 10

You can turn Windows Update inside Windows 10 on but switching it off is not available for the users.

Updating for Windows 8.1, 8, Vista and 7

  • Open your control panel
  • Click the ‘Windows Update’ for small icons view and click ‘System and Security’ for category view. Click ‘Windows update’.
  • Windows update will search for available updates for you to install and then you install them starting first with the important ones.
  • Updating Windows XP and Earlier Versions

  • Go to ‘Microsoft Windows Update’ and click ‘scan for updates’. Click yes when it requests installation of a plugin to enable searching for updates.
  • Microsoft then takes the information and it includes your operating system version, product key, the internet explorer you use and the version number of the rest of the installed programs. Others include the ID numbers of installed hardware, your language and region settings.
  • After the search from Windows Update, view the updates inside your computer. You can make a few updates each.
  • Update drivers and this should be directly from the manufacturers and then link it to the page of the drivers. Reboot the computer when necessary after updating. Rebooting is often necessary. Go to Windows Update to ensure files are downloaded.
  • Updating Windows XP And Later Versions

    Microsoft Windows performs an automatic update for this.

    Why You Are Not Able To View The Windows Update Page

    Windows 2000, XP and other older versions no longer have the update page unless the pack you are using is the service pack. Set your date properly in your computer. You may be using the wrong browser or illegal Windows.

    Do These If Your Computer Does Not Update

  • Disable antivirus and anti spyware
  • Remove performance tool or utilities of software.
  • Run updates without making use of the computer.
  • Clear your cache and internet history. Remember to update your drivers from the manufacturer.
  • Conclusion

    Updating your Windows is one of the things you may need to do on your computer and this article is a guide on how to do that. Welcome to the Technology Guys. We are here for you as far as technology is concerned. You can share this post with others, ask your questions and make your comments.

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